Today, I am sharing another awesome study skill taken from this lovely little blog that I finally found by Rebecca Bell. Visit the link for more in depth information about this fantastic review skill. It's much more articulate and humorous than I would be, but to recap, you just split up the kids into two teams and go at it "game show style," asking sample test questions.

Kids love it and they they actually learn a thing or two about studying! Hey-O! The thing I love most about this is that students really are forced to stop and think before just dinging away at the bell, although there will probably be some friends who do that anyway! This is also a great activity for those friends who have like super human amounts of energy. You know who I'm talkin' about...

P.S. You need to purchase a dinger or a Staples Easy Button before attempting this review game.

What review activities to you guys use in your classrooms that are super fun? Share the wealth people!!

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