Teaching Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning {Freebie Included}

Hey there friends! I am absolutely terrible about keeping up with this little ole blog, but I wanted to come and share with you all that I will be making the move to middle school this year to teach 8th grade science! (I know, I am a crazy person.) I have taught third grade for so many years that I just needed a change. I am VERY excited about the change and I have tons of ideas rolling around in my head.

After diving into the standards, I knew that students would need to learn to make claims and support them with evidence. This seemed to be a large theme throughout the standards so I scoured Pinterest like any good teacher and found the Claim, Evidence, Reasoning method for teaching argument writing in science.

I developed a set of resources that I think any science teacher would find helpful in teaching students to use this method with their middle level students. I love this also because the method of writing can be used in any content area! 

The unit includes:

  • A powerpoint to teach your students about the Claim, Evidence, Reasoning method
  • Claim, Evidence, Reasoning posters
  • Claim, Evidence, Reasoning doodle notes (filled in, guided, and blank versions)
  • Claim, Evidence, Reasoning guided notes mini posters for science notebooks
  • Anchor chart pieces
  • Claim, Evidence, Reasoning reference wheel
  • Claim, Evidence, Reasoning foldable
  • 2 different graphic organizers
  • Claim, Evidence, Reasoning sorting activity
  • Claim, Evidence, Reasoning Song lesson 
  • Claim, Evidence, Reasoning Candy lesson
  • 2 Claim, Evidence, Reasoning passages with writing prompt to practice the writing method
Below is a preview of all of the resources that are included in the file! I hope you find them useful! I am excited to start my year off teaching students this important skill!

As a way to thank you for sticking around, please download a copy of the doodle notes for free! Just click the image below to grab your free copy!

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