Ultimate Lesson Plan Guide Update

Hey guys! I worked on a little update to my lesson plan guide this week and I wanted to share it with you all in case you wanted to grab it for yourselves!

This is what the first ones I created looked like. It is still available for use in the file. Last year, I printed these out, put them in page protectors, and stuck them in my planning binder. It worked for me during planning. I just flipped right through and was able to find what I needed. 

However, I wanted something a little more easily accessible for teachers to use so I updated the file with quarter sized pages pictured below.

I recommend printing them on different colors to make it easy to separate the different lesson strategies.

If you have purchased this already, you can head over to my shop to redownload the update. If you would like this set, go grab them in my TPT shop by clicking my blog button below!

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