Quick Reference Proficiency Chart {Guided Reading}

Hey guys! I wanted to share really quickly a freebie I just made to help you when you are assessing your students with benchmarks or running records. I realized today when I was doing some running records that I needed this so I made one really quick! Just click the image below to download!

Happy Friday friends!


  1. Thank you for sharing your chart! We use the numbers as opposed to letters. Our first graders should enter at a level 3 and exit at 16. Are the numbers you have listed under the words (proficient etc) the numbers I'm referring to, or something else? Thanks for sharing your awesomeness and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

  2. No, I don't think so. The numbers you are referring to are DRA I believe. The numbers listed there are the number the student scores for comprehension for the running record. For example, a student could have 98% accuracy in reading, but score a 2 on comprehension, so the text would be considered HARD for that child at F&P levels A-K. I don't know what it would be for DRA. We don't use that system. =)


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