Leveled Library Labels

Hi friends! I have spent the last two weeks getting my classroom together and meeting with colleagues to plan for the upcoming year! I will be sharing more on my classroom later, but I wanted to hop on really quick to share something that I spent literally an entire day working on in my classroom.

Our school uses Literacy By Design and the containers for the books are these huge plastic bins that pretty much don't fit anywhere nicely. So, I decided that I would find bins for each book level and make tags for each bin.

I found these 97 cent baskets from Walmart and made my own labels to glue on the front.

I posted the picture on my Instagram and someone asked if the labels were in my store and they were not at the time. Well, the labels are now available for levels A-Z!

Well, I just uploaded them to TPT and you can grab them for $1.00!

I kind of love them. I'm also kind of obsessed with Educlips. Just saying.

Click on my button below to head over to my shop and grab your set!

You can also download the book dividers for FREE by clicking HERE.

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