Math Homework Bundle for the Year

I have been working on this math homework bundle for quite some time, but between taking care of a little one, moving schools, and trying to find time for myself too, it has been quite the undertaking! But it is finally done!!

This bundle was written with the 3rd grade South Carolina College and Career Ready Standards in mind, but they are quite similar to the Common Core standards. There are only a few minor differences and I have covered them both quite well.

I have included 118 half sheets total for all five domains:
* Number Sense and Base 10
* Number Sense Fractions
* Geometry
* Algebraic Thinking & Operations
* Measurement and Data Analysis

To see how each page is set up, see the image below.

This bundle can be used in numerous ways. If you choose not to go the traditional homework route, these can be used as assessments or exit tickets instead.

To purchase the entire set, click the image above!

In my true fashion, I always give away one set of my newest creations. If you wish to win this set, all you need to do is guess my latest Netflix addiction!  Happy guessing!


  1. The only show I watch on Netflix is Orange is the New Black so I'll guess that!

    1. I love OITNB, but that's not it! Great guess though! ;)

    2. I Susan! I didn't get much response back on this and since you were the first to comment and you were the closest, I will give the pack to you! Wentworth was the answer! It's the Australian version of OITNB and it's better!

  2. It's got to be the cool supernatural thriller "Stranger Things"!

  3. I actually haven't checked that one out yet, but it's on my list! Is it good?

  4. It's really good! Set in the 80's and it definitely holds your attention! Check it out sometime

  5. House of Cards. I'm just guessing. LOL

  6. I *BIG RED PUFFY HEART* love this set! I purchased it to use as our daily classwork. I have been making corresponding "notes" pages that we complete together in class and then the students do these as their practice. I just love it!!!!! Super duper awesome resource, which I'm not surprised coming from you! Thanks for sharing and for all of your hard work publishing it! Can't wait to see what's next!


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