Five for Friday

I have nothing great to share today other than to share five random things about my day! I am linking  up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to participate in her fun Five for Friday linky!

1. I had one of the most awesomely fantastic laughs today with my students. Check it...We're doing a lesson on division and one of my sweet little resource students came up to the board to sort the bananas into groups and was having technical difficulties with the promethean board to which she yells, "This board doesn't like me!" The peanut gallery responded with, "That's an idiom!" Yes my friends...that happened and we all had a good laugh! Totally made my week.

2. We learned today about the perspectives of women, African Americans, and Native Americans during the American Revolution and made tableaus (frozen pictures) depicting each group. I overheard students say, "This is so much fun! I wish we could do this everday!" Just go ahead and melt my heart why don'tcha!?

3. Joke from the milkbox at lunch...."What does an astronaut eat for lunch?" A: Launch Meat. Student looks at me and says, I don't get it. What's a launch? lol I'm like, ummmm you know when the rocket launches??? OOOOHHHHH!! HAHAHA

4. So I had a little mishap with an old newsletter with a typo stating the wrong back to school date on an OLD newsletter. Two students don't show up for the first day back after Christmas break and made a big fuss even though they were looking at the WRONG newsletter. Anyway, one of those students didn't even show up to school today. Hmmmm....

5.  I'm gonna bring it down here and say that I had to make a phone call to a parent of a student I don't usually have trouble with after school regarding poor behavior. =( Boooo!

Go link up! I hope your Friday was as awesome as mine!


  1. I love when the kids and I share a good laugh! We've had many over the past 3 days.

    It's also such a bummer when we have to chat with parents of great kids about not so great behaviors/grades/concerns. Sorry that's how you week ended!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. LOVE it! So fun! We could all write a book with what kids have said (and parents for that matter) to us as teachers!!

    We are about to start the American Revolution in our class! I'm soooooo excited! It's my favorite!!

    (And I love reading a blog about upper grades that I relate to in half a second of reading!! Thanks!)

    Collaboration Cuties

  3. :o) thanks for linking up with my 5 for Friday!!

    I hope my little ones come back with better behavior this week or I will be making a few phone calls myself.


  4. I'm definitely taking your joke to my kiddoes tomorrow! Thanks for sharing.

    Shake a Leg Third Grade


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