Behavior Managment

One of our instructional coaches shared this little gem of an idea during a meeting this week and the hour that I have used it so far has been PHENOMENAL for my students behavior!!

This website allows you to use your smartphone to add points to each students individual avatar. Once you click the button on your phone from anywhere in the room, the point will ding and show up on the Promethean board. This is mainly ideal for Smartboard and Promethean board users because the students can see that someone got a point right away! 

I started it during my read aloud Friday after noon and my students were all like following along and into the book! It was amazing!!

Here is what the website looks like when you create your class. 

It is called You just have to register and then create your class and then add the positive and negative behaviors you want to track and then you're good to go!!

You can choose however you want to use the points in your classroom. I am going to create a poster with the point levels and rewards to post in the room. One of the suggestions I heard was to let the students choose their own avatar (which you can totally do!) at a certain level of points. I am so excited to keep using this tomorrow!!

I also tossed around the idea of having students earn prizes for earning a certain number of points each week. I'm not sure yet how I should do it! What do you guys think!? Let me know if you check it out and what you think about it. It is sooo cool!


  1. Looks pretty good, will have to give this a try! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I like it! I teach 3 4th grade math classes and a homeroom. I wonder if I can have multiple classes? Also what happens if I move a child from one great to another? Seems like a lot of fun and I can see kids enjoying it for sure.

  3. You can create multiple classes!!! It is awesome!

  4. I may have to try this soon. oh and your new blog design looks awesome!

  5. Hi Ginger Snaps,
    I like the idea.
    Concerning giving points to the students I usually do two different things.
    On one hand, sometimes I just write the students' names on the board and give them checks for a right answer. They love competiton, as you know. Here my experience is with boys.
    On the other hand, other times, whenever one kid does something correctly, say, an answer, I just slightly praise him or kind of slightly making him aware of his hitting the target and advancing in their learning English.
    Both ways turn out good.
    Granada, Spain
    Fernando Díez Gallego
    Teacher of English and teacher trainer
    You can peek ‘management of the class’ and ‘discipline’ labels.
    Hope any useful.

  6. I had to come back and tell you about my experience with Class Dojo. WARNING! Do not use this or recommend it if you don't want your entire school to be outside your class watching you use it. I mistakenly told my Principal about it this AM on the way in to school. By 945 he had pulled teachers from their class to come into my class and watch my class respond to the outstanding, colorful reinforcement of good behavior. By days end he had called each and every teacher to my room for my "presentation".

    Now let me tell you about my students. I have 3 math classes. 1 is a handful while the other two just have to be challenged. One of my groups was SO responsive to the visual cues of doing the right thing all I could do was promise them a huge surprise on Friday if they keep this up.

    To say I was blown away is not giving this program credit at all. Thanks for telling us about it.

  7. Jason, OMG thank you for sharing about your experience! It has been like magic in my classroom since I started it!! I am soooo stoked that you liked it! I love it!! I need to make up a point chart of FREE rewards to go along with this!

  8. Love it! Thank you so much. I even blogged about it!

  9. Thank you for sharing! Can't wait to go to work tomorrow and start using it! Love it!!!!


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