Now that school is in full swing, I am finding it hard to make time for blogging about the things I am doing in my classroom and the things I am learning along the way. I love my students to pieces, but good gracious they are sooo low this year. I have to take everything down a notch when I am teaching so that they are ALL with me. I feel bad for the couple of high ones I do have. They are probably bored out of their minds!

Anyway, onto the goodies for today. This week we have been talking about SC symbols. The state tree, bird, gemstone, etc...As a culminating activity to the two day lesson, students cut out pictures of the symbols and glued them into an outline of our state. I thought they turned out really cute and you can do this with any state! Here are a few examples:

I thought they turned out pretty cute!

I hope everyone is having a great school year so far! I'll try to keep posting on a regular basis, but I can't promise multiple posts per week. I'm a busy girl these days and I my students require ALOT of attention.


  1. Those are really cute! I know what you mean about those years that so many kids are low- you feel TERRIBLE for the high students, it would almost be easier not to have them even though you do need a few kids who can work independently!

  2. Where did you get so many pics of the symbols?
    A state magazine? Help me out here. I would love to steal this idea for KY history.

  3. I printed the pictures in color and then let kids cut out other pictures from magazines, but they mostly used the ones I gave them.

  4. Sarah ( Life is short eat desser first)September 2, 2010 at 3:53 PM

    Hi, this is officially my first blog ever!Yay me! I too have a class full of low students and only a handfull of students who actually are on the grade level and can do the work. I live in Lumberton NC so we are state border buds. I have been a teacher assistant for seven years now and in January 2011 I will hopefully be doing my student teaching( if not having back surgery, please pray). Since this is my first class with sooo many low students I really want to make a difference and go about it the right way, starting now. I just dont know where to begin and kinda have my hands tied to what I can and can not do since I am not the certified teacher. Yes I can give ideas but sometimes the teacher just does not get it. Like today, I just could not get to every child while they were working. As I looked up from time to time while I was helping a child I saw alot of just sitting there, talking, and etc.... . I decided to let the kids work together in their groups instead of just sitting there waiting on me. THe higher students became teachers by walking around assisting others. I did tell the groups that I had to hear them talking and reading about their work or they would work independently. They choose or I choose for them. I felt like the wait of the world had been lifting off my shoulder and back, because now I did not have to try to get to everyone and they were not just sitting there waiting on me. I suggested we do this with pretty much everyting but tests and she said next week we are going to work in centers and this should help. She does not see that they can learn from each other just as much as they can learn from me.Thank you for such a breathtaking blog and site.


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