What do plants need to grow?

If your students tell you they don't know, then teach them this little ditty.

Five Things Plants Need to Grow

(The the tune of BINGO)

There are five things plants need to grow
Each one is so important
Water, sunlight, space, food, air
Water, sunlight, space, food, air
Water sunlight, space, food, air
Each one is so important!

Anyone know any other cute songs to teach about plants??


  1. There's a Dr. Jean song about parts of a plant. I don't remember what the lyrics are but I think they're on her website.

  2. I went to the South Carolina Science Council Convention and bought a CD titled "Sing Science", which has some great songs on it. My favorite is the sound one (even though I teach fourth grade and sound isn't one of my standards :) I used other songs from the CD for my fourth grade - Magnets is a popular one. Would definitely recommend the purchase of the CD if you come across it.

    Eve (www.sciencenotebooking.blogspot.com)


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