The end is near!

School is almost out! Three more half days and then freedom! I always look forward to the end of the year because it's so much more relaxed and the pressure is off after testing. Plus, it's more fun!! I decided to create a list of some activities that I have done at the end of the year and some things I've found that I'd like to try.

1. Make an end of the year scrapbook for Science and Social Studies units. I made a list of each unit we studied and the students used magazines and newspapers, crayons, markers, and so on to illustrate what they learned. I also have them write a couple of sentences about each topic they studied and what they learned.

2. Write a letter to next years class of third graders giving them advice on "How to Survive the Third Grade."

3. Have them make a list of their top 10 favorite activities or lessons from the school year.

4. Make a memory book filled with things from the school year. (Favorite subject, Best Memory, etc.) Have students create a page at the back to get autographs. This is especially nice for students who didn't purchase a yearbook so they have somewhere to get signatures at the yearbook signing.

5. Hold an awards ceremony for your classroom after letting the children vote on superlatives like (class clown, most likely to be president, friendliest, etc.) Another cute idea very similar to this one is to hold a Candy Bar Awards ceremony. See the complete list here. (Scroll down to Candy Bar Awards)

6.  Compile a powerpoint presentation or slide show of pictures from the school year to show your children on the last day. Let them drink soda and have popcorn as they watch the show!

7. Play an end of the year jeopardy to review skills from all subjects!

These are just a few cute ideas that I've tried and seen. I also like to do an end of the year survey to find out what students like most and least about the school year so I can do better the next time around! It's always helpful to have their feedback.

What activities do you use to end your school year?

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