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After taking the MAP test three times this year to measure student progress, I've gotten my scores and they are disappointing. We correlated the MAP scores to our state standardized test scores and according to the data, 10 out of 16 of my students are not the "Met" level in Math. In other words, if they were to take our state standardized test (PASS-Palmetto Achievement of State Standards) today, they would not pass. How ironic is that??

So, in light of that information, my administration suggested that I start doing Math Centers to review skills students struggled with. I went back to the first unit on Place Value and we did these activities. I will add more later because I did these in just one day. Visit this link for several place value powerpoints and resources.

What activities do you use to teach and review place value? I would love more ideas and so would everyone else!!


  1. I always enjoy finding new games and activities. I am also struggling to find methods to bring my student scores up - since the state thinks that's all that matters. Many of my students have added value to their bottom line, that may or may not be reflected on THE test in late April.
    I feel some of their ability to retain is due to our Interactive Math Journals (my first year using them.)Students are able to look back at their interpretations of specific objectives in their own words.

  2. There are some fun games on the internet that emphasis this priciple.

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  3. has some great free resources for Math Centers.


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