Customize Your Own Teacher Notes

So, I've been playing around with this idea today of making teacher notes that you can customize. I'm not really sure how I'd like for it to work, but here are some samples of what I have come up with so far. Most of the graphics are from MelonHeadz Illustrating with the exception of the yellow pencil - that's from KPM Doodles!

What do you guys think? How should I go about doing this?

Should I post the samples in my TPT shop and then just write a description saying you can give me an idea of what you want and I'll email you the product, or should I just make save them as flattened images and allow the purchaser to add their own text. 

Also, I wouldn't actually make the note pads for you. You would have to print them out and assemble them however you like. I was thinking you could even punch a couple of holes and tie them together with ribbon. 

I would love your thoughts and suggestions! 

And how adorable is my Melonhead!!?? Nikki from Melonheadz Illustrating created them for me and I am just in love with them! I couldn't really figure out how I wanted to use them though. I would love thoughts on that as well!

And don't forget there is sale in both my shops until tomorrow night!


  1. They are adorable! I think you could make them for us, send them to us in an pdf or even a file so we could add the text we want. Christina Bainbridge shows how she used her own designs with Vista to print post cards, notes, and note cards. I would think you could do the same thing with this. I love it! Very cool!
    Second In Line

  2. If it were me purchasing these, I'd love to have you be able to customize them, so post a sample and then have customers e-mail you with what they want! This would, of course, be based on the honor code... but I'd love to have the fonts similar and everything the same as the way you have it right now - but with my name!

    As for the Melonheadz, I put mine in my signature! I'm not sure how else I'm going to use mine, but I'll find something :)

    Love your new idea!

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  3. Your Melonhead is precious! Love it! These notes are fantastic. I'd just offer then as flattened images and let the teacher insert their own text. That's less work for you, right? These look great, by the way :)

    Fun in Room 4B

  4. I think it would be easier to just allow the customer to add their own text. But if you wouldn't mind doing potentially a lot of custom orders, then you could do the order/email thing.

  5. I agree with Elizabeth, to help save yourself time. These are ADORABLE!!! Will be in touch with ya soon :)

  6. Hmmm It might be ton of work for you if you customize them for us because they are too cute and you will have a lot of orders! I would say post them on TpT as a PowerPoint and let the buyer (one will be me) customize themselves.
    Terri'S Teaching Treasures

  7. I agree with Elizabeth too! These are so cute!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  8. very cute! if i were purchasing these i would want to add my own text.

  9. I agree.....PLEASE post and sell as editable for name.....would buy when they went up!!

  10. How amazingly cute are these?! I would definitely go the way of having people be able to edit themselves- easier on you and I know I change my mind all of the time when it comes to font, so I could use these year after year :) I am also in love with your Melonhead! How fun!!

    Thanks for another wonderful product :) You're awesome :)

    3rd Grade Thoughts

  11. Such cuteness! It's already on my wish list!Love your Melonhead! Mini-notes would be great too!

    Creative Lesson Cafe

  12. THese are great! Would love to customize and def would buy if they were...ALSO would love to customize your classroom labels and/or Daily 5 stuff since I think your fonts and pics are great but I teach in a French Immersion class and cannot use the English....
    let me know what you can do for this ok?

  13. Love these!!!! Let us edit it them! Easier on you! Can't wait to use them!

  14. Did you ever decide to put these on your teachers pay teachers page? If so I couldn't find it and I am super interested in these.

  15. Can you please let me know where I might find this to download?? I looked on your tpt and could not find it.. Thanks

  16. I never ended up posting them Melissa! I need to get around to that! lol


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