Friday, November 14, 2014

She's Here!

Baby Gracen was born on November 3 at 4:51 p.m. She weighed 6 pounds 11 ounces and measured 20 inches long! Mommy and daddy are doing great! We are learning to adjust to life with little sleep! lol

We are so in love! 

I probably won't be blogging much in the coming weeks (not like I blogged much before), but I hope to get back into the swing when she gets a little older and life is a little less chaotic! 

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Freebie!

I am soooooo close to being ready to pop out this baby. I'm 12 days away from my due date and I couldn't be more ready for it to happen! I cannot wait to meet her!

I've walked and walked. Spicy food? Check. Pressure points? Yep. Did that too. Annnd some other 

Alas, she isn't ready to make her way into the world yet. She's too cozy up in there! I've decided to put my energy to work and finish a little freebie I've been working on for about two weeks. 

I thought it would be fun to have the kids read about the History of Halloween since most kids don't realize that it started as a harvest festival. I might have learned a thing or two also!

Included in the pack are two different levels of the same passage and three supplemental activity pages. I hope you can you use them this Halloween.

Just click the image above to head over to my TPT shop and grab your free copy!

Happy Halloween! Good luck to all you teachers this week! It's probably going to be crazy! Especially for me, since I'm 9 months pregnant! HAHA Pray for me!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Story Elements Freebie

We are working on story elements this week and I wanted to share a little freebie I created to help your students map the elements.

It's nothing spectacular, but it works! Just click the image to download.

I will have my students fill this out after reading one of their books. 

I also saw this super cute idea from Cara over at the First Grade Parade

She read the book, "Stellaluna," and had the students create these Beginning Middle and End bats! Aren't they adorable? 

I plan on doing these this week as well since it's the perfect time of year!

Anyone else excited about the season premier of Walking Dead tonight!? EEEK!! This girl can't wait!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Visualizing Activities

So, I feel like being at my new school, on top of being pregnant has left me zero time and energy to blog and share fun things that have been going on in my classroom! Meanwhile, I am still so totally in love with my new school and all of my students! 

A few weeks ago we focused on Visualizing to help us when we are reading.

I have been using Nicole Shelby's amazing interactive notebook for reading each week. Every Monday, we glue in our notes for the week and then we focus on that skill all week long! 

Here is what our glue in looked like that week.

If you like this set up, you can purchase Nicole's notebook by clicking the image below! It's worth every penny!!

Then, we did some fabulously fun things from Amanda Madden's Connecting and Visualizing unit! You can head over and check out more from the pack and purchase HERE!

This was my favorite thing we did this week! We read the poem, "My Neighbor's Dog is Purple," by Jack Prelutsky and made a little visualizing craft. This comes from Amanda's Connecting and Visualizing unit above!

Um, how darling are those!? Seriously!

And on a personal note, we took some maternity photos this weekend and I am so in love with how they came out! Here are a few from our fun little session! 

If you know us, you know we are a silly, fun couple and so when I saw this photobomb idea on Pinterest, I knew we had to recreate! It is seriously my favorite one of the whole session! HAHA

5 more weeks ya'll!! I think I can...

Happy Monday teacher friends!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Classroom Reveal 2014-2015

I finally tried to tidy up my room a bit this afternoon so I can have a little photo sesh with my classroom! I went with bold and bright colors as the insipiration for my theme. Looking at several of these pictures, I think it could use even more color! My last classroom had one colored wall which I think really added to the room. This new room still feels a little unfinished because there is so much white. I'm still working on little projects and posters for the walls, but here is my little home away from home that I have been working in for the past three weeks!

 The top panoramic photograph is from the door looking into the room. The one on the bottom is from the back corner where the library is facing the front.

 This panoramic is from the other corner where the cubbies are facing the front of the room.
 I absolutely love all of the cubby and storage space in this classroom! 

 I have almost one whole wall of my classroom that is covered by a whitebaord. I love having all the space to have posters, charts, and to display my schedule and homework!
 I saw this little idea with the clothespins somewhere and I just had to recreate my own! They turned out super cute!
 You may notice that some of my crate seats got a little fabric makeover to match my new theme. I still have to cover the two under my circle table. I have some beautiful bright yellow chevron fabric that I plan on covering them with, buuuut I just haven't found the time to cover them yet.

My sweet blogger friend Katie King from Queen of the First Grade Jungle used ribbon to decorate her desk caddies and so I stole her cute idea! These caddies came from Walmart!
You can see the huge transformation the room has undergone. It was a lot of work, but I am happy with the way that it has turned out. 

I am sorry it took me so long to share this with you! 

And this week has been all about rounding! Here are some pictures of my classes playing Rounding Cover Up, which I snagged from a guest blogger on the Teaching In High Heels blog!

Next week, we will be moving on to properties of addition so I'll be back to share more on that later!

Have a great weekend!