South Carolina Regions and Places {Unit 1}

I have been slaving away at this baby over the last week! I didn't think I would have it finished until the end of the week, but it's done! This thing is finally DONE!! This unit has EVERYTHING you need to teach about South Carolina's:

* 6 landform regions
* 4 major rivers
* major cities
* climate region
* physical features
* natural resources

The unit includes a planning guide, a comprehensive flipchart to use with each lesson with embedded links, resources to accompany each lesson, and assessments to use throughout the unit.

It is important to note that you will need Activ Inspire software in order to use the flipchart software. You can download it free HERE.

I would like to start working on Unit 2 soon, but I think I will take a break for now. This unit took a massive amount of time...mainly because I am HUGE procrastinator and worked on about 12 other things in the meantime. I also have some other ideas rolling around in my head and some items on my to do list I need to get to first.

I would like to hear from you all though! What are some things you would be interested in seeing done? What are some needs you may have at your school or in your classrooms? I really want to start focusing more to the needs of you all!

Anyway, here are some previews of the Social Studies unit.

I would love for you to win yourself a free copy! I'm currently on a new Netflix binge...Pretty Little Liars. What's your current Netflix or TV addiction? Drop me a comment with your answer and leave your email address! I will choose a winner by the end of the week!

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Editable Lesson Plan Template {Freebie}

Way back when, Kristen at Ladybug's Teacher Files, changed my lesson planning life. You can view her template HERE! I used to do the whole lesson plan table that would flow onto another page. It used to drive me CRAZY! Sure, it might have saved me a little bit of paper, but I hated that I had to flip back and forth between pages to see my lessons.

Well, anyway, now I can see all of my pretty plans for the day on one lovely page! The template I have used has changed over the years and I decided to create a little freebie to share with all of you!

I'm kind of a fan of rainbows and neons. It has been my classroom theme for many years. Some people like black and white so I included a little something for that person, too. Or you may just not be able to print your plans in color like me.

Here are some examples of how I the lesson plans look. You can change the fonts, add your own flair, clipart, make them your own, etc...

Here are the blank editable versions.

And here is what mine look like when they are done! I like to use bullet points under my I Can statements and standards. I also like to add clipart to each subject's lesson, but that's just me. Clipart makes EVERYTHING better in my opinion...

If you would like to download the freebie, just click on my blog button below to download it from my TPT shop!

3rd Grade Math Assessments

I've been spending the first few days of my summer break working on finishing up my latest project! I have been wanting for the longest time to have some pre and post assessments to use in my classroom. I really want to start focusing on targeting weak skills before teaching a unit and also doing remediation for students during each unit. This product took a lot of work, but I'm confident that this will help me have more success guiding and teaching my math instruction this year.

The bundle will include 8 pre assessments, 8 post assessments, and the checklists for both. The unit tests are aligned with the South Carolina 3rd grade standards, but they are very similar to the Common Core standards.

The unit tests included are in the following order:

1) Place Value
2) Addition and Subtraction
3) Multiplication
4) Division
5) Area and Perimeter
6) Geometry
7) Fractions
8) Measurement and Data

I don't plan on using the pre assessments to take up a whole lesson. I want to use them during my morning work block, so that I don't have to spend time taking up a lesson. I would recommend doing it several days before you plan on teaching it so that you have time to analyze the data using the checklist. Each pre assessment has 10 questions covering all of the standards under that unit strand. The checklist looks like this:

At the top of each checklist are the standards. They are editable so that you can type in each child's name. Once you have graded each assessment, just fill in the row with x's or check mark's to show which standards were mastered on each unit assessment. To see which standards students are struggling with, I would highlight the columns with lots of x's. In addition, you many also want to highlight the students who missed most of the questions so you know know is not getting the content. If you wish to group your students based on the data for guided math, that is also an option.

As far as the post assessments go, you will use the checklists to see which students need reteaching or which standards you need to reteach. You will use the same process. Highlight standards with lots of x's or students who missed lots of questions.

AND, coming soon, the South Carolina Regions and Places unit. I have been working on this for a HOT minute, but I put it on the back burner so I could finish up these math assessments! The unit will come with full lesson plans, one flipchart with embedded links to each lesson, and resources to accompany each lesson!

I hope you an find this product as useful as I know I will! You can purchase your copy in my TPT shop by clicking my blog button below.

If you would like to win a free copy, drop me a comment and let me know what your favorite thing to do over summer break is! I will choose a winner by Sunday! Please leave your email in the comment so I can contact you!

Lesson Plan Guide

We were recently challenged by our administration to make sure were fully engaging our students during every part of our lesson. I often find myself just stating the objective at the beginning of my lesson and calling it my "hook." Come on...I know you've all done it. I must say, I've done it way more often than I'd like to admit, but it got me really wanting to set the bar higher for myself and my students.

However, when I began to sit down and plan these engaging hooks and lessons activities, I was having a hard time coming up with ideas. I would scour through Pinterest or through old plans to find the perfect way to begin or end my lesson for the most engaging activity to teach my students the concept they needed to know. It was taking me FOREVER to get through my planning. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE me some planning, but I have a kid, I have a husband, a life...and I don't want to spend my whole afternoon or my kid's naptime doing my plans. I have Netflix to watch! There had to be another solution!

I decided that I would create a guide full of hooks, teaching strategies, lesson closures, and websites teachers could pull from while they are planning so they don't have to try so hard to make their lessons engaging.

Yes, there are things similar out there, but I wanted this guide to be the BEST, the BIGGEST, the most COMPREHENSIVE list there is out there. Teachers deserve the best! I scoured the internet to find every hook, strategy, and closure I could find to add to my guide. There may still be some great ideas out there and this guide can still be a growing document.

I would love to give a copy away! Please comment with 1) your email and 2) what your favorite hook, teaching strategy, or lesson closure is.

I will choose a winner by Friday!

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SC Social Studies Study Guides

I have wanted many times to get on here and post pictures of my new classroom at my new school, seems like I can NEVER find the time and am never quite satisfied with my pictures. Call me a perfectionist.

Anyway, I've been wanting for some time to put together some study guides for each subject for the entire year and I thought, Why not start with Social Studies?!

There are 8 total study guides covering all of the 3rd grade social studies standards for the year.

I broke them into the following units:

* Places and Regions in South Carolina
* Native Americans and Explorers
* Settlement
* American Revolution
* Government
* Civil War Part I
* Civil War Part II
* South Carolina in the 20th Century

You can purchase a set in my shop by clicking my blog button below.

If you are a South Carolina 3rd grade teacher and you would like to win yourself a copy, please comment below with which social studies unit you think is my favorite to teach! Whoever is the first to chime in with the correct answer will win themselves a copy!