Vocabulary Soul Train

Using a powerpoint or flipchart, introduce your students to the unit vocabulary for whatever topic you are studying in class. Make sure each word has a picture to go along with the meaning of each word. As you introduce each new word, discuss what it means, and give examples. Then, have students create a hand motion to go along with each one. The pictures will be helpful when the students are creating their hand motions. It's important to let the students come up with the hand motions as a class. Try not to give them too much help in creating those motions.

Introduce the first word, come up with a motion, and then practice it. Introduce the second word, come up with a motion, and then practice both motions together in sequence. Continue this way until all of the vocabulary words have been assigned a motion. I would limit the list to 8-12 words, depending on your grade level.

Once you have learned all of the words and hand motions, have students get in a line and have a Soul Train around the room, around the playground, or just wherever your little heart desires to lead you!

You can even make a game out of it! Call out one of the vocabulary words. Students must demonstrate the correct motion. If they do it incorrectly, they must sit down. Continue until one student is left standing. If you narrow it down to a few kids who just can't seem to mess up, get faster! You're bound to trip one of the up.

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  1. I'm always looking for great new vocab games -- thanks for sharing ;)


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