Since it was a short week because of our Thanksgiving Break, I decided to do some mini lessons on visualizing.  In the spirit of Thanksgiving I chose some Jack Prelutsky Thanksgiving poems to teach the skill and it was a big hit! 

The first day, we read The Thanksgiving Day Parade and underlined words and phrases from the poem that helped us visualize. While they read on their own, they wrote down words and phrases from their books to help them visualize and then they drew their visualization. 

The second day, we reviewed what visualizing was and then I gave them this little handout with the poem, "I Ate Too Much Turkey," and they underlined words and phrases and then drew their visualizations! They came out so cute and I forgot to take pictures of them, but here is the freebie!

If you want the document to show up correctly, you need to have Pea Heather Michelle and Wish I Were Taller fonts from


  1. This is my poem for next week! Thanks!!

  2. Cute! I love it when students draw what they visualize!


  3. Thanks for following!! You were one of the first teaching blogs I found and I have been following ever since! I LOVE your new design!!

  4. Love the visualizing activity! And your blog is super cute. Thanks for commenting on my blog so I could discover yours. :-)

  5. Great! Thank you so much! I love your blog! I am in SC and work with third grade teachers. We are developing a unit for SC Social Studies.

  6. Is there any way you could post this as a pdf?


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