Holiday Happenings

I feel like I have been so swamped this week! It has been crazy! I haven't had time to do anything but grade Math benchmarks and go to meetings and get the idea! 

I did want to quickly share some things we have been doing for during this Thanksgiving and Winter/Christmas season!

We reviewed for our multiplication test by playing Multiplication War! The kids had so much fun while they were practicing their math facts! Click on the picture to download the flipchart with some multiplication games!

We also worked on visualizing a few weeks back and read some Jack Prelutsky Thanksgiving poems and I posted the freebie here. Here are some examples of the visualizing sheets we completed!

Our art teacher made these adorable penguins with the 3rd graders. 

To go along with their art project we read this book called Penguins.

Then, we asked the students to write a paragraph about the adaptations of penguins since we just learned about animal adaptations! 

Here are some more cute penguin pictures!

And finally, a few weeks ago, I posted the "How to Catch a Plump and Perky Turkey" activity and here is how they came out!

I hope to post some new stuff in my Teacher's Notebook store soon! Hope you are all having a great week!  7 more days til Christmas break!!


  1. Can I get your writing template for the plump and perky turkey?

    1. It was in this link...


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