South Carolina Region Cookies

I know it has been several days since my last post, but I have just been swamped at school after being at a wedding this past weekend in Charleston (which was beautiful, btw!)

To end our South Carolina geography unit, we decorated South Carolina shaped cookies that correlated to the different regions of our state. We have done this activity for the last two years and the kids absolutely love it! It is so much fun! I am providing the flipchart we used to guide the activity and also pictures of us in action! 

Click the image for the flipchart.

Here are some photos from the activity!

This is just the blank SC cookie before they decorated it.

Here is the finished product!

Other fun pics!

We displayed the flipchart in the cafeteria and reviewed the regions. As we went through, we discussed which candy item would best represent that region.

Regions and candies:

Blue Ridge - Chocolate chips to represent mountains
Piedmont - fruit roll ups to represent red clay soil
Sandhills - Yellow sprinkles to represent sandy soil
Inner Coastal Plain - brown sprinkles to represent the good soil
Outer Coastal Plain - White sprinkles to represent how rice is grown here
Coastal Zone - Swedish fish (I don't think an explanation is needed! haha)

This activity could be adapted for many different things! So even if you don't live or teach about South Carolina, you can still take this idea and run with it. I have seen it done to review the transcontinental railroad and I have also used it for reviewing the parts of plant and animal cells. 

If you have any questions about this, please e-mail me at and I would be happy to help!


  1. I love it! Did you see the California regions done a while back on paper plates with pinto beans, rice, and some other ingredients that I can't remember right now? I'd love to do both with Georgia! :)


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  2. where did you get the sc cookie cutter ?


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