Daily 5 Rotation Chart {Freebie}

After I posted on last week's Monday Motivation, I realized I my Daily 5 rotation chart needed a little face lift. You know we like things to be cute and everything is better with fun fonts and clip art!

I do everything in Activ Inspire in my classroom. Students can click and drag things, draw, write...there are just so many reasons why I love using it for presentations more than powerpoint. Powerpoint has its time and place, but Inspire is tailored for allowing students to manipulate.

Any who, here are what the slides look like.

You will just edit the students names in the white boxes to the left and to the right. You want to enter them separately so that when students come up to drag their names, they only drag their names.

I make sure to have students who meet with me already pulled to the box so students know. It usually stays the same each week, until that group changes. I also set a limit to how many students can go to each rotation. I base it on the number of students present and how many students are meeting with me that day. It may be helpful to type that number in the boxes so students know when each rotation is full.

** You will need Activ Inspire software on your computer in order to access the free file! You can download the free software HERE.   

To download the rotation chart freebie, click my blog button below!


  1. This looks great but I can't open it.

    1. You need to have Activ inspire software for it to work. It is free.

  2. I updated the blogpost with the link to download the free software.


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