Classroom Job Buttons

I told you I would be working on classroom job buttons in addition to my motivational pack and so I am here today to share them with you!

I did not include full pages of the same button in this file like I did in the last one because most people don't have their entire class do the same job. Rather, I chose to include pages of individual buttons. If you happen to need duplicates, you can just print multiple pages. =)

I also tried to rack my brain and think of TONS of different jobs you might have in your classroom. Some of the ones included in here are similar but with different names. There should be plenty here to choose from so I won't be adding more! Thank you to those of you who helped give me ideas for jobs to include as well! You guys are the best!

You can head over and purchase them for $2.50 by clicking the image above!

You'll notice that I decided to take a bit of a different approach with these buttons. 

I wanted to think of a way that would be the most convenient for students to take them on and off as I'm sure helping 20 different students pin a button to their shirts everyday isn't exactly practical, especially those little bitties! So, I came up with the idea of attaching a ribbon to the back of the buttons instead. It's cuter, it's quicker to take on and off, and easier to display. I think I will hang them near the door so when students come in in the morning, they can just grab theirs and go.

I used to do EVERYONE has their own job each week in my classroom and found that I was just horrible about moving clips on the chart. Who's with me??

Then I discovered the best idea ever over at Sarah Cooley's blog post on helpers in the classroom. You can read that post HERE! Seriously, this revolutionized the way I did helpers. All I have to do now is have one boy helper and one girl helper each week! It's a life saver and a time saver. No moving a million clips around the chart. {Kudos to those of you that do and it works for you, but it just didn't for me!} 

Here's how it works each week. I put all of the boy names on a ring and all the girls names on a ring. Like this...

{This example is from Sarah's classroom because I couldn't find mine any where!}

Each week, I just flip to the next boy or girl helper. They are responsible for doing ALL of the important jobs for the week. We go over these at the beginning of the year a long with expectations. 

With my new buttons, I plan on displaying them underneath the name rings so the kids can just grab them on their way in each morning. 

I finally get to go into my classroom tomorrow and get started! I've decided I'm going to go despite my interview being Thursday. I plan on working on stuff I can use in either room just so I can get my lazy self out of the house and doing something useful! 

I'll be posting pictures of my room as it comes a long and pictures of projects that I'm working on as well so you want to stay tuned this coming week! I'll keep you updated about the interview as well!


  1. This is BRILLIANT! Thank you :) I love the idea of just 1 boy and girl. Easy peasy and they can just do everything for ya ;) Can't wait to hear about the interview! Good luck!

  2. I also do one boy helper and one girl helper but I change mine daily. It works great for me. My firsties like it because they get to be the helper about every 2 and a half weeks.

  3. These are so great! I really like the idea of one girl and one boy helper! and the buttons are a fab addition!
    ♥ Jen
    Teacher by the Beach
    A Splash of Life Blog


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