Resolutions and the Revolutionary War

We've been up to a few different things this week.

We wrote some New Years Resolutions and we've been learning about the Revolutionary War. 

I made a little New Year's Resolution sheet for students to write out their thoughts and you can display them on your bulletin board! Just click to download!

In Social Studies, we have been learning about the perspectives of the different colonists during the Revolutionary War. After learning about the Patriots and Loyalists point of view, I asked students to brainstorm different things each group might say.

I took some of the better answer and asked those students to share their perspectives as a Patriot or Loyalist. Here is a video of that!

And here is a little graphic organizer you can use for the end of the lesson or as a project! Just click to download! 

Happy Thursday! One more day til the weekend!!


  1. Very cute video of your kids :) They have learned so much. I miss teaching social studies after watching your video. Hope you have a great Friday and a great weekend ahead.

    Thanks for the freebies, too!


    Fun in Room 4B

  2. I love both of your printables this week! Saw them on Classroom Freebies! Awesome. Would you consider linking them up with the New Year Linky Party at Even if you have already linked up, it's not too late to add another entry. There are over 170 contributors and growing still!

  3. I LOVE the paper! Thanks for sharing. I need it to go with my new bulletin board we're going to work on tomorrow. It has the number of lines I was looking for. (I'm so picky!)

  4. What a cute freebie! Too bad we don't teach that in first grade :(

    Teachery Tidbits

  5. That's a great idea! Love your social studies stuff. Way back (and I mean waaaay back) when I taught SS, I went to a really great prof. devp where they showed having kiddos take the stance of characters in famous historical paintings (i.e. Wasington crossing the Delaware...). Then have kids act out or discuss what that character was thinking, feeling, saying. I always thought that was a cool idea!

    Keep up the great work,

  6. Thanks for the graphic organizer, Ginger. I'm just starting my American Revolution unit on Monday. I will be talking about choosing sides next week too! Perfect timing! :)
    Third Grade All Stars

  7. Love the graphic organizer for Patriots and Loyalists---not able to download. Any suggestions to try? Thanks so much. Happy New Year.

    1. You need to have Adobe to download. It works for me.

  8. What an adorable video! You have taught them well :)
    Bug hugs,
    The Land of Glitter

  9. Ok so I buy your stuff all the time from your store and now I'm LOVING your SS stuff. It's my first year as a 4th grade teacher so this is perfect. :)


  10. Can't wait to use the Patriot/Loyalist page!



  11. The Patriot/Loyalist page does not work anymore. Could you repost it?


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