ELA Common Core Vocabulary Cards for K-2

I made a last minute decision this week to book a flight to Union, MO for one of the Whole Brain Teaching conferences. I AM SO EXCITED!! However, I'm also a little freaked out because I'll be traveling by myself for the first time ever!! AGH! And I hate flying with a serious passion. Seriously. But, I think it will be well worth it! I am so excited to become a whole brain teacher! I keep having dreams about it!

Anyway, point of the post was that I finally finished my ELA vocabulary common core cards for K-2. I haven't split them up yet for individual grades but I plan on doing that sometime today. Hopefully. 

And you know I like to give away my stuff free when I first post it so this one is called the font challenge. 

The first person to name both fonts pictured below and leave a comment including your e-mail will win a free set of the grades K-2 bundle or if you are upper grades you can win the 3-5 bundle!!

And NO cheating!! Please. =)

Good Luck!

To purchase a set, click on either shop button below!

And just in case you were wondering, my picture from the last challenge was of Key West! =) I leave in T-minus 2 days!


  1. Way to go! There are just none remotely close to me! I'd hop on that plane with you in a heartbeat! Wait. Aren't you only in SC??? Hmmm! I'm so jealous

    1. Yes, I am in SC. The ticket was pretty cheap! =)

  2. The first one is Pea Summer Funkyness. The second one is USStarsNStripes.

  3. Eeep! I forget my e-mail! It's sarahplumitallo @ gmail.com

  4. Man I want the K ones! I can't find #1 although I can find it used on a ton of commercial items. #1 is close to Pea Ambrielle but I know it's not.
    #2 is US Stars N Stripes

    Oh well : )

    Cathy I.

  5. You are killing me here! I have looked through every font I have from everywhere and no luck. I am just going to have to guess, UGHH.

    Hearts and swirls


    Who knows??? My brain hurts, LOL.

    Faithful in First


  6. OK, I just commented and I don't see it. Here we go again!! I have racked my brain searching through every font I have ever downloaded and NADA. You are killing me with this! I am going to have to guess and forfeit my chance because I am not good at guessing: Hearts and Swirls, Patriotic Love. I think they sound good, if that isn't their names, well it should be, LOL. Alright I am done here, good luck to the rest of the blog world.

    Faithful in First


  7. I only know one: it has to be Stars and Stripes.

  8. There is one actually a WBT conference in Ohio this year, about three hours from me, but I can't go. :( I'm teaching summer school, and since we're building a house right now, I need the cash. Have a great time!! As usual, your common core ela materials looks great! :)
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  9. The first font is Abigail and the second one I do believe is USStarsNStripes. I had been looking for patriotic fonts for some subway art. It definitely looks like it.

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  10. Scratch the Abigail part. So not what I thought it was...Oops.


  11. I thought I was the font queen! I can usually identify every font. But, the first one has stumped me. The second one is easy, though! Your products look amazing!

    Ѽ Lori
    Teaching With Love and Laughter


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