Editable Lesson Plan Template {Freebie}

Way back when, Kristen at Ladybug's Teacher Files, changed my lesson planning life. You can view her template HERE! I used to do the whole lesson plan table that would flow onto another page. It used to drive me CRAZY! Sure, it might have saved me a little bit of paper, but I hated that I had to flip back and forth between pages to see my lessons.

Well, anyway, now I can see all of my pretty plans for the day on one lovely page! The template I have used has changed over the years and I decided to create a little freebie to share with all of you!

I'm kind of a fan of rainbows and neons. It has been my classroom theme for many years. Some people like black and white so I included a little something for that person, too. Or you may just not be able to print your plans in color like me.

Here are some examples of how I the lesson plans look. You can change the fonts, add your own flair, clipart, make them your own, etc...

Here are the blank editable versions.

And here is what mine look like when they are done! I like to use bullet points under my I Can statements and standards. I also like to add clipart to each subject's lesson, but that's just me. Clipart makes EVERYTHING better in my opinion...

If you would like to download the freebie, just click on my blog button below to download it from my TPT shop!

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